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Valuable and comprehensive guidebooks offering tips, expert advice, insider information and support on the college application and admissions process.


Guidebooks on financial aid, scholarship search tools and listings, and tips and advice for filling out the FAFSA and applying for scholarships.


Guides for a variety of topics important to students including diversity and minority students, LGBTQ, and students with disabilities.

Tools &

School rankings, search tools, support and advice on a variety of crucial topics such as mental health, study skills, campus living, bullying awareness and fighting substance abuse.


Comprehensive guides that include information on entering school after being on active duty, how to obtain GI Bill benefits, and additional scholarship and financial aid opportunities for military veterans enrolling in college.

Our Team of Expert Contributors

CSCCR is committed to providing expert-created and -reviewed content, advice and support for k-12 and higher education students, parents and professionals. We have assembled a group of outstanding experts and writers from dozens of academic disciplines, college admissions, test preparation, financial aid, and special student groups such as military veterans, students with disabilities, minority students, and LGBTQ students.

Our expert writing and review team members include:

Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey AndersonMilitary Benefits Writer
Greg Beatty, PhD
Greg Beatty, PhDOnline Education Expert
Blaine Blontz
Blaine BlontzFinancial Aid Expert
Keith Carlson
Keith CarlsonNursing Expert
Michael Hoffman, JD
Michael Hoffman, JDWriter & Subject Expert
Ron Kness
Ron KnessMilitary Benefits Expert
Shannon Lee
Shannon LeeHigher Education Expert Writer
Anne Macleod Weeks
Anne Macleod WeeksCollege Admissions
Katy McWhirter
Katy McWhirterWriter & Subject Expert, MA History
Katie Schellenberg
Katie SchellenbergTutoring/College Admissions & Students with Disabilities Expert
A. Michele Tedder
A. Michele Tedder Nursing & Student Mental Health Expert
Jeannette Washington
Jeannette Washington, M.Ed.Deaf & Hard of Hearing Student Support Expert

Featured Sources

We rely on primary sources and data from a variety of authority organizations and institutions, including:

College Scorecard, U.S. Department of Education

A tool offered by the U.S. Department of Education that enables users to compare schools using criteria such as size, location and degrees offered.

Federal Student Aid

The official website of the FAFSA and all matters pertaining to financial aid for college.

National Center for Education Statistics

A repository for all national education statistics, including k-12 and higher education.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

News and information for those involved in higher education, including students, educators and administrators.

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