No Grade Education System

A typical scenario of a school system is that you study, do the assignments and get grades for it. Those grades define your standing in a school in front of the teachers and your parents. It has been like that since we have known about the education system but how about changing it with grade-less intervention? It will be quite difficult for some people to adhere as it is a new concept of this century.

It might be suitable for some people as they argue that grading defines the capability of the student. However, it is true to some extent as it shows you how much the student may have studied but does it define their limits? They may be better at something else rather than studying and may not be able to present well through the grades. Here is why the Finland school system decided to make the education system easier for the students to be free of grades stress. Students will not be graded and there will not be any exams for them. It sounds grade but what is ahead of it?

A school system without grading is known as the mastery approach nowadays. The teaching methods are changing along with grading systems for the students. It definitely makes the students happy because they do not have to receive the grade report now. They do not have to worry about the marks or competition rather show their own strength through assessments. Instead of grading the students with points and positions, now the assessments will be there them through their instructors.


What will Happen Instead?

They will receive the formative assessment which will identify the gaps and help them improve individually. Not all the schools around the world follow this strategy yet but it does have a bright future ahead. You cannot define someone’s strength or interest in numbers rather it is a matter of their own creativity. There is no revelation for getting the 100 points and passing the course. Those are defined by humans and can be changed by humans as well.


Getting Feedback

To master the capability of the student, it is not the grades which define him/her. Feedback is necessary for every individual to grow within their domain. Everyone has different interests and they need the place to fully present them. If you do not give the platform, how will they know they can be to their full potential? Through feedbacks, students will know where they need to work on and how they can improve.


No Tests

There will be no testing of the material taught in the class. This concept is full of flaw and wastage of time when you are repeating the same thing in the class which has been there already by the teacher. It does not stay in the mind of the student and as soon as they are done with the final exam, they completely forget about it. There is no learning for the students through tests. It is just the mere piece of paper to write on what they have temporarily memorized.


Accurate Knowledge

Providing and spreading knowledge is one of the greatest deeds which teachers can do. By limiting them through the book, it keeps them away from talking about all the other topics which can benefit the students. Talking about other topics rather the ones in the book will help them gain insight from real life and know their strengths.

Students will not have to worry about the subject or its comprehension rather focus on becoming a good person on their own end. Not everyone comes out great from the school, there are the majority of students who do not even want to see the building of their schools. The reason is that they have to struggles for all the years just for the grades.

They have it set in the mind that they are there to earn grades and when their grades are good then the degree will be there. Once they have the degree, the market promises a job for them. However, in reality, it is quite different. No one sees the grades in the real world but the way you deal and the knowledge you have about this world.


Response of Students

Students definitely enjoy this type of environment and want to attend the class sessions where they do not have to worry about the grades. They do not have to think about the standards but have their own personality in mind. Their work is full of creativity without thinking that it may be wrong or right due to which it will affect their grade.

The students who are weak in certain subjects do not have to worry about the grades compared to others as well. It is still emerging in many parts of the world to discover this side of an education system. They are not able to accept it but in the age of technology, there are high chances that the education system needs to focus on students rather than their grades to bring out qualified leaders in the world.